We have made the VERY DIFFICULT decision to close our doors.

We are sorry we were not able to contact everyone directly.

If you are an author, this is your proof that you have your rights back. I will be removing books today or tomorrow (please know that it may take each outlet a certain amount of time to remove them from availability even though it will be done from YTPs end).

Abbye will be reaching out to make final payments prior to end of Feb for everything sold, even units she has not been paid for. Please watch for her email to you.

Please refrain from bashing on social media, this is a personal request from me. We all did truly try to make it work, but with life demands, it was not meant to be.

With wanting to stay focused on mental health and staff and intern needs and families, we are just unable to progress in the way Abbye imagined things to be going by now. Know this was a truly gut-wrenching choice for her to make. This was her dream.

As a secondary request from me, when Abbye returns to writing, please support her. Know that she did her best. I've been working with her since this idea first started and she is truly an amazing person. She just could not be the one to say goodbye, and asked me to put this together. I am sure she could have said it better - but I tried. 

Thank you to everyone we were able to get to know - stay in touch! Also, with that, know that I am open to work if there are any Acquisition Positions available :) 

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